Grade Level Arrival and Departure Doors

Grade Level Doors 

Please use the following doors for arrival and departures.

    prekindergarten three doors  Prekindergarten Three Doors


PK3  Arrival& Dismissal

All PK 3 parents will drop off and pick up at the glass doors inside the playground area.




Prekindergarten four doors Prekindergarten 4 Doors


PK4 Arrival & Dismissal

All PK4 parents will drop off and pick up at the main entrance.







kinder arrival door   Kindergarten Arrival Doors

Kindergarten Arrival

Kindergarten students are dropped off at the multipurpose room door.






Kindergarten Grade Door Kindergarten & Hairston's Doors


Kindergarten Dismissal

Kindergarten and Mrs.Hairston's students will use the solid metal door inside the playground for dismissal.



First, Second and Third Grade  First, Second, and Third Grade Doors




First, Second, & Third Grade Arrival & Dismissal

First, second, third students are dropped off and picked up the multipurpose room door.



Parents please do not park in the alley. Do not double park on Barnaby St.