Book-O-Ween: Storybook Character Day

Dear ECA Parents and Guardians,

In the month of October, families start to inquire about our school policies surrounding in school Halloween festivities. With the understanding that our families come from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, Early Childhood Academy does not permit the celebration of Halloween in school. With that being said, on Friday, October 29th students will have the opportunity to participate in our schoolwide Storybook Character Day also known as Book - O - Ween. On this day, students can come to school dressed as their favorite storybook character. This day is not so much about costumes. Through fun and engaging classroom activities, the students’ favorite storybook characters will come to life on this day.


On Friday, October 29th, all students can come to school dressed as their favorite 
storybook character.

  • Students will not be permitted to change clothes. They must come dressed in their costume. 
  •  The character MUST be from a book the student has read and not just a movie or cartoon they enjoy watching. Please note we understand that many books have been brought to life on the small and big screen.
  •  Costumes can be homemade or store bought. The goal is for families to be creative and bring the character to life.
  • Students are not permitted to select books with horror or violent characters.
  •  When selecting/creating a costume, please be mindful that students use the restroom independently. Costumes that zip or snap in the back may be difficult to remove with ease.
  •  With this not just being an opportunity for dress-up, students should be prepared 
    to describe their character and details from the story. Remember classrooms will 
    incorporate the character throughout the school day.
  •  If possible, students should bring a copy of their favorite book to school on this 

This is not mandatory. We understand that some students may like a character based on reading experiences that did not transpire in the home.