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In-Person Learning FAQ

Early Childhood Academy PCS

In Person Learning FAQ 

  1. When will we find out more about ECA’s in-person reopening?
  2. Parents will receive detailed information about students selected for in-person learning and the in-person learning schedule by Wednesday, October 21st.
  3. My child has not gotten all the required shots. Can my child still return?
  4. No. DC Health requires that students have all required vaccinations to participate in in-person learning.
  5. How will you keep our returning students safe?
  6. ECA has a number of health and safety measures in place. Please view the “July 2020 Parent Meeting” on our YouTube channel: ECAPCS.
  7. Will every child who wants to come back in-person be able to?
  8. No, spaces will be limited because of health and safety restrictions. You will receive more information by Wednesday, October 21st.
  9. Will the school have a nurse this year?
  10. Yes, ECA is scheduled to have a nurse provided by DC Health when the students return in-person.
  11. Do our children have to wear uniforms when they return?
  12. Yes, students returning in-person must be in uniform.
  13. If one of my children is selected to return in-person, what about their sisters/brothers?
  14. Except for pk3 and pk4 students, all siblings living in the same household will be offered an in-person slot if they are available. Some restrictions may apply for our 3- and 4-year-old students.
  15. Will there be before & aftercare services?
  16. Not at this time. All students must be dropped off at 8:05 am and picked up at 3 pm.
  17. When do I have to decide whether I want my child to come back in-person?
  18. You must complete and submit the ECA Continuation of Learning Parent Survey by Monday, October 12th.
  19. Will there be a lottery system for parents who want their children to return?
  20. We will first prioritize students with higher needs and then randomly select others via lottery.
  21. Will parents be able to enter the building?
  22. No, parents will not be allowed in the building except under special circumstances.
  23. Will children returning in-person report daily?
  24. No, children returning in-person will have a hybrid program of both in-person learning and virtual learning from home.